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Le Promenade Privè



Entry into a private club is only permitted to MEMBERS and ADULTS who are aware that they can live experiences of free sexuality and do not feel disturbed by situations of this type. Inside there are different situations in which, if you wish, you can participate: one area is used for dancing, another area for having a drink in company, and other more intimate and reserved environments.
Entering a private club does not mean having the right to sexual services: you are free to propose and therefore also to refuse. For example, if a woman is dancing, undressing (a little or a lot), you are in no way authorized to extend your hands.
It is absolutely forbidden to grope the couple while they pass through the various areas of the club alone or accompanied, for clear rules of respect and elementary education.
Individuals are often allowed and welcomed to join the club as long as they behave appropriately towards others.
Even if something makes it clear that you are liked, it is not advisable to approach the couple too directly. It is better to converse with both of them, also to ascertain whether you are pleasant and appreciated by both.
Entry is only permitted to those who are associated with the same, do not even ask to enter without being a member; and doubt the clubs that allow you entry even for a single peek. Clubs are and must remain absolutely private places.
Presenting your document to join should not cause you any fear, because it guarantees you that it is a club that remains within the rules of Italian law.
Anyone wishing to remain a member of the club must absolutely refrain from making any comments about the people present. This rule should never be forgotten, not even outside the club (for example: if you recognize or meet someone by chance).
We kindly ask you to dress appropriately for the environment


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